Download Tools and Rating Files

The NWSRS Registration Program, along with the latest version of the database and school codes list, is the key to registering players for NWSRS tournaments. By downloading the .zip file below, you will also be assured of getting any updates to the registration program as well as the latest ratings and school codes.

The latest ratings file:

To use the NWSRS Registration program, you MUST have the .NET framework from Microsoft installed on your computer. The .NET framework is now available on the website, but note that it is a very large file (appx. 20 MB). Many newer computers already have the .NET framework installed; you can check by going to the Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs and look for "Microsoft .NET Framework" in the list of installed programs. If you need it, you can download it from Microsoft. Follow their instructions to install it on your computer. Once you have the .NET framework installed, you can run the new registration program. View the Help section of the Registration program for details on how to use it.

First-time TD or just new to the NWSRS?

Click on "TD Resources" in the menu bar for more information on required downloads, how to run an NWSRS tournament, and how to submit results.

Other Downloads

  • Questions about School Codes? See Allcodes List (Note: you can save this file directly from your browser as an allcodes.txt file for the AWARDS program used by some Washington TDs).
  • By request of WECC, we are now providing the allcodes file in a comma-separated-value or .csv format. Allcodes in csv format
  • Full Rating List in Zipped Excel File: Are you a details person? You can download the entire rating file in Excel format and immerse yourself in statistics: Ratings In Excel Format (zipped)
  • Need a tool for unzipping? There are literally dozens of resources if you do a Web search. Here's one that offers a 3-week trial: WinZip