USCF Ratings and Adjustments

A note about USCF ratings and adjustments: We will continue Ollie's practice of updating NWSRS ratings to match USCF ratings if:

  1. Your USCF ID is included in the NWSRS database. To find out if it's included, go to this page, and open the "Ratings File in Excel Format (Zipped)". Find your record in the spreadsheet and look to see if your USCF information is listed in the last several columns. If it's not there, email your state ratings coordinator.
  2. And your USCF "regular" rating has been established. That is, if the USCF database has a "provisional"; rating then the NWSRS will make no adjustment. A provisional rating is usually defined by USCF for players with less than 25 USCF-rated games.
  3. And your USCF rating is higher than your NWSRS rating.

For the date of the most recent ratings adjustment, see the bottom of this page.

For more than you ever wanted to know about our rating system, see:

Kirk Winges, October 2013