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Good news, web traffic shows that practically everyone has updated their bookmarks to go directly to ratings and reports! So I’ve expired the last few placeholder pages on I replaced them with automatic redirection to the corresponding new page here on Ratings NW.

In case you’re interested in the webmaster’s perspective, here are statistics from my tracking tools and a gratuitous green chess image in honor of St Patrick’s Day:

  • gets 400 – 600 visits per day, averaging 15,000 visits per month. This is a lot of traffic by any standard.
  • Two-thirds of our visitors look at tournament reports
  • One-third of our visitors look-up individual ratings
  • Web browsers used are: IE 48%, Firefox 21%, Safari 17%, Chrome 13%
  • Operating systems are: Windows 76%, Mac 15%, iPhone 2.3%, Android 1.6%, iPad 1.5%, Linux 1.4%
  • 13 of our visitors like to capitalize just part of the domain name:
  • Washington visitors outnumbered Oregon visitors by 8,800 visits to 4,700
  • 8 – 10pm is our busiest time of the day, but one-third of our visits occur in working hours from 9am to 2pm (it’s okay, I won’t tell on you)
  • Nobody has made any comments (yet!) under our headings for Elementary, Middle School or High School topics. Go ahead, this should be a good place to ask/share your school chess ideas.

Mobile users are up to almost 5% of our visits. Cool! Let me know how it’s working on your mobile device.

Webmaster Barry

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  1. amy says:

    As it happens, I just used the web site to look up a player’s rating on my Android last night. Worked like a charm — all of the interactive features were pretty much just like on my desktop. Thanks, Barry!

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