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The NWSRS is a cooperative expansion of the old Washington Scholastic Rating System. It is an all-volunteer effort that provides rating services to scholastic chess tournament directors and players in Washington, Oregon, and surrounding states.

This website of www.RatingsNW.com is the online resource provided by the NWSRS. It brings together the various report pages which before October 2010 were separately offered by the OSCF and WHSCA. The Middle School Chess Association hosts the site and provides the social commentary components around the ratings and tournament reports.

There are no dues or membership in NWSRS — in fact, all rating fees are passed on as donations to two non-profit scholastic organizations: WHSCA for events held in Washington, and OSCF for events held in Oregon. While these two organizations strongly support the NWSRS, neither owns/controls the activities of the NWSRS.

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