NWSRS Rated Event Requirements

While we consider this document reasonably complete, these requirements are subject to change. If you have input, or questions please write to nwsrs@nwsrs.org

Last update: 2024-01-05

To download the latest files required for rating and to read detailed instructions on the software involved with rating, visit TD Resources.

Requirements for Rating

  1. There is no minimum number of participants.
  2. The tournament must take place in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, or BC, Canada. Players may be from any state/province.
  3. The time-control is a minimum of G25 (25 minutes allowed per player).
  4. All results must be submitted electronically using SwissSys or using a spreadsheet template provided by your NWSRS coordinator (spreadsheets are for VERY small round-robins ONLY and require prior approval from the rating coordinator). For Swiss format, we strongly suggest pairing by computer as opposed to hand-pairing and entering the results later, which tends to introduce data entry errors — as well as errors in correct pairing procedures for Swiss events.
  5. There is no requirement for tournament director certification; however having an experienced TD, chess master, or other individual of experience/authority is strongly encouraged. If a pattern of complaints emerge from rated tournaments, and those complaints appear to be due to a lack of experience or wisdom on the part of the TD, the NWSRS will refuse to rate future tournaments until the TD demonstrates evidence of additional training or certification (by becoming a USCF certified club TD, for example).
  6. At least two adults (preferably from separate schools/clubs) must be present and, if requested by the ratings coordinator, available to certify the following:
    • All players were informed that the matches played would be rated.
    • Tournament Director (or responsible adviser) has agreed to submit the full results for rating — regardless of the outcome of individual matches.
    • Matches were played in a quiet, controlled atmosphere.
    • The outcome of the matches (W, L, D) was determined by the players. Legitimate reasons for adjudication by the tournament director is defined by USCF Official Rules. In any case, the outcome was not determined by spectators, advisers, coaches, or fellow players.

Rated Tournament Procedures

  1. TD or adviser must inform the ratings coordinator in their state of their intent to submit a rated tournament at least 3 days prior to the tournament. This intent can be submitted by email: nwsrs@nwsrs.org.
  2. Results must be submitted electronically in the format(s) specified on the NWSRS web site. To download the latest files required for rating and to read detailed instructions on the software involved with rating, visit TD Resources.
  3. Advisor/TD must make every effort to submit "clean" data in regards to player name and IDs and respond promptly when questions arise or additional information is required.
  4. Results must be submitted no more than 6 days after the event; this allows us to rate events in chronological order. Same-day and next-day submissions are even better — players, parents and fellow TDs certainly appreciate all of our efforts to publish updated ratings quickly and accurately.

The NWSRS reserves the right to refuse rating services to tournament coordinators/directors who do not make sincere efforts to comply with stated policies and procedures or who attempt to manipulate individual player ratings by selectively submitting results for rating.